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Green Enamel Mug, with two white geese
The Mug measures 6.6cm tall and is 7 cms in diameter. Manufactured in the late 1920s.

The mug was given to Rae White by her mother for her school milk ration. Rae White was born and lived on a back country farm in Hawkes Bay. Her school start was delayed until she was 6 years old, as she was required to ride a horse to school and she was not big enough at 5 to ride.

Rae attended the Mangaorapa School from 1930 to 1937, which at that time had 11 pupils ranging in age from 5 to 14 years of age. Part of the Education Department requirement was that all pupils receive a milk ration, and for that purpose each pupil was required to supply their own mug. The milk was delivered by a local farmer each morning, fresh from the cow, and brought in a bucket.

Much to Raes dismay the farmer had less than hygienic milking practices (the cows were of course, milked by hand). Rae could think of no greater horror than to see the farmer with bucket walking over the paddocks and knowing that she would be forced to take a mug of milk and drink it in front of the teacher.

To this end, Rae implored her parents to buy the smallest mug available. Her parents were barely surviving on their farm, and the depression was just starting to really impact. Her parents rarely had the opportunity to get into a store (indeed they only went about every three months), and her mother sold eggs, and butter to raise the funds to buy this mug the smallest in Waipukurau.

This mug reflects a mothers concern for her daughter, and the love to raise the money to make her school life more pleasant.