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Rotary Dial telephone
The rotary dial telephone was introduced into New Zealand in the 1950’s replacing earlier models (some of which were Bakelite – a early plastic – models.) The Bakelite models were only in black, but the models in the 60’s and 70’s were coloured – red, green and white. The rotary dial is that the digits are arranged in a circular layout so that a finger wheel may be rotated with one finger from the position of each digit to a fixed stop position. There is a finger bar to prevent the dial being turned to far. The telephone number is “dialled” in the order of the number, so that each number is dialled and the next number dialled when the rotary dial returns to the original position.

In NZ the dial was from 0 at the bottom and 9 at the top, while in other countries the order was reversed. This model had a small pull out tray that a card with commonly called numbers could be inserted.
Later models had push buttons.
Item kindly provided by Tinakori Antiques.