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The Maori Inhabitants of Western WellingtonJ. Brodie
The Rules of the Society
The Donald Tea GardensJohn & Barbara Ingerson
Special Show Day at the Karori Pleasure Gardens
Our First Christmas Party
List of Members
St Patrick’s Church MakaraD. Smith
Details of the cover photo The Stockade No 3John Ingerson
Some Snippets On early Karori
Karori’s Link With The Maori WarsSue Atkins
Letter to the Editor re photoMargaret Patrick
Beautiful KaroriMargaret Patrick
Colonial life Caused Changes In SocietyW. Secker
Karori’s First Developer
Karori’s History Is Not Parish Pump
Annual General Meeting 9th June 1975
Communal Activities
List of the Society’s Officebearers
Stockade’s Contributors
Historic Places Trust Requests Information
Stockade’s Contributors
The Society’s List of Officebearers
Katherine Mansfield And KaroriHelena Hawke
Letter To The EditorNgaire Cooper
In The Ohariu
Karori In Transition
Further Notes On An Old Karori Landmark (Chesney Wold)
List of Officerbearers: Karori Historical Society (Inc)
New Territory
Journey To Makara in 1840W.H. Secker
Old View of the Upper Kaiwhara Whara Valley (a painting by A.M.C.)
Maori Tracks A Boon To Settlement
History of Horticulture Recorded at Eden ValeW.H. Secker
Some of the Plants Grown at Donald’s Tree Nursery
Sir George Grey’s Tree
1976 Annual General Meeting
Zig-Zgging Round Wellington: Eden Vale Gardens. The Wellington Indepentent 18th December 1871
The Karori of 100 Years Ago
Activities of the Society
Walking On An Old Maori Track
When Karori Was In The Backblocks (Thomas Arnold)
Future Activities
Karori Between 1865 and 1890M. Patrick
Ninety Years After Thomas Arnold Walked The Makara Bridle Path
Bridle Path Had In-Built Disadvantages
Olden Days Recalled
St Anselm’s Union ChurchG. Robertson
Presbyterian Services In KaroriIda Downard
Methodism In KaroriA.L. Olsson
Annual Meeting
Society Activities
Meditation Among The Tombs
Subscription List (towards completion of the Church)
A Real Karori Family 1840-1978
An Appeal For Help (with the history of Homewood)
Glimpses Of Karori School From The School Logbooks
Stephen Lancaster (first Mayor of Karori in 1891)
Apology to Miss Newcombe and the Lancaster family
Wellington’s First Mental Hospital
The Story of Roman Catholicism in KaroriDorothy M. Smith
The First Tea Rooms in Wellington ?
Photo of Early Pupils of Karori School at the 1957 Centenary
Craigielea House, Karori
Shopping In The NinetiesMiriam Armstrong
From the Wellington Spectator 16th May 1846
The Church of England in KaroriC.M. Dukes
The Stockade
Programme Dec 1978 - April 1979
Annual Meeting June 12 1979
Changes In Karori
VanduaraValerie Cranfield
The Picots In KaroriAudrey Lee (nee Picot)
Alfred Henry Collier PorterMargaret Patrick
Delivering Letters In Karori in December 1927Father J. Hogan
Who Was The Earliest Wellington Settler ?
Wright’s Hill RevisitedRichard Gordine
Karori Historical Society
Rural Karori in 1930
Some History of a Property - No 74 Friend StreetBarbara Macmorran
The Tarr House
Reminiscences of the Life of Mrs F.W.Collier of Levin, formerly of OtakiHugh Jones
Sprott House - And What Went BeforeMargaret Patrick
South Karori School
Memories of Karori - Sixty Years AgoArthur Laurenson
Foundation Stone and Historical Plaque
Our Oldest Inhabitant
The First Karori Borough Council
Karori School in the 1880’s and 1890’s
The Story of a Karori House - Ninety Years at 115 Messines RoadD.J. McAllister
A View From The Makara HillsBarbara MacMorran
Katherine Mansfield and The Tarr House
The Hawkinses of Hawkins HillHenry Bunckenberg
Karori’s Last Dairyman - Ernest Beavis
The Karori GiantsBriar Beaglehole
The Lancaster Family Reunion. January 1982
Hilda Raine Remembers
A Major Enterprise
A Karori West Book
Looking Back on the 50th Jubilee of Karori West Normal School. 1982.Frank Hyatt
Wellington’s WaterRuth M. Thompson
Buildings of Historical Significance or Architectural QualityKatherine M. Wood
Early Days In Chamberlain Road
Shipwrecks on the Karori CoastKitty Cave
Actvities of the Society
The Makara Receiving Stations and Radio SettlementMaurice Cave
Frobel High School and Kindergarten
My Dear Clara - Karori Eighty Years AgoFrances Braybrooke
The Society’s Activities 1982-1983
John Yule 1808-1899Katherine M. Wood
List of the Society’s Officebearers
Note on the Wreck of the Barque Maria - 1851
Kathleen Campbell of Campbell StreetMargaret Patrick
Rhodes Scholare From Karori SchoolMargaret Patrick & Will Chapman Patrick, Margaret & Chapman, Will
Samuel Duncan Parnell in KaroriKatherine M. Wood
The Society’s Officebearers
Karori Historical Society Activities 1983-84
The Sad Story of the White HorseDavid Luke
Shipwrecks On Wellington PeninsulaJ.W. Brodie
The Shearer House - 221 Karori RoadAnn Harris
Matilda Evans: Karori 1884 - Masterton 1984Margaret Patrick
Karori Rhodes Scholars - Part 2.Margaret Patrick
No 69 Donald Street, KaroriPaul & Barbara Lenihan
A Karori Scientist: George Vernon Hudson, 1867 - 1946Kitty Cave
A Mormon Pioneer In Karori
Karori News, 125 Years Ago
Another Karori Scientist: Bernard Cracroft Aston, 1871 - 1951R.W. Lithgow
Karori Historical Society Activities 1984-1985
Makara HillKathleen McKay
How We Came To Karori From Edinburgh and LeithMargaret Patrick (nee Wood)
How We Came To Karori from the North of EnglandHilda Cullen (nee Raine)
How We Came To Karori from Ireland and the South of EnglandNorma Kerr (nee Jordan)
How We Came To Karori From The Midlands and SurreyNaomi McCaul (nee Hartill)
How They Came To KaroriMargaret Patrick
Gymnastics In Karori, 1912Katherine M. Wood
Karori Historical Society Officebearers
Karori - in Victoria
The Karori Police Station, 1908 - 1959Katherine M. Wood
Memories of an Old InhabitantAnnnie Doris Grigg (nee Cathie) b. 1893
Braithwaite Street Seventy Years AgoRon Fletcher
Johnston’s HillMargaret Patrick
In Memoriam - Kathleen Campbell
Sam’s Gully - Scout Camp Site - A Brief HistoryHugh A. Fullarton
Mrs Green’s School - 70 Friend Street
List of Officebearers
Mrs Brees’ Cottage, Karori Road
Karori Historical Society Activities 1985-86
The Medical Profession Invades KaroriKatherine M. Wood
How We Came To Karori from jersey, Channel IslandsAudrey Lee
How We Came To Karori from Edinburgh, Scotland and Southhampton, Southern EnglandFrances E. Braybrooke & Kitty Crowe Braybrooke, Frances E. & Crowe, Kitty
A Creature Called PeripatusPriestley Thomson
Karori Dances New Zealand Free Lance 1903
Extract From The Diary of Henry Sewell
Charles Christie Graham 1835 - 1915Katherine M. Wood
Karori 1897
A Lonely RoadArthur Olsson
Robert Caldwell: A Citizen of Karori, 1880 - 1918Kitty Cave
The Carey Brown, Caldwell, Graham and Porter Families
Congratulations To Three Members Who Celebrate Their 90th Birthdays In 1988
How I Came To KaroriD. Smith
Karori Historical Society Activities 1986 - 1987
How I Came To Karori from Wiltshire, Cambridge, Brooklyn (Wellington)Alison Johnston
Terawhiti And The Goldfields
Ways And Means In Karori Eighty Years AgoMargaret G. Patrick
Katherine Mansfield’s Karori CharactersKatherine M. Wood
Two Karori Road Houses Of The Past Katherine M. Wood
Moses YuleKatherine M. Wood
List of Officebearers
History Of Our Time Commemorated. Fort Opau 1941 - 1943R.W. Lithgow
An Arrest Near TerawhitiKatherine M. Wood
Mrs Green’s SchoolJames W. Brodie
Karori Historical Society Activities 1987-88
Robert Caldwell - A Citizen of KaroriKitty Cave
Plaque installed on the grave of John Yule
Wellington’s First Lunatic AsylumKatherine M. Wood
Karori’s First Pub - The Surprise HotelKatherine M. Wood
Samual Duncan Parnell - ArtistKatherine M. Wood
Karori Street Names
Obituries: Harry Smith 1915 - 1988
Obituaries: Mrs Margaret G. Patrick 1908 - 1988
Obituary: Harold Gladstone Miller, 1898-1989Arthur Olsson
Old Karori RoadBob Lithgow
How I Came To KaroriMargaret Alington
Activities of the Karori Historical Society 1988/89
Red Letter Days For KaroriKatherine M. Wood
From Hawera To Wellington via Karori, 1885Rollo Arnold
A Wartime Tragedy Recalled: Plane Wreckage DiscoveredDavid Luke
Apprenticed To A GrocerKatherine M. Wood
How I Came To MakaraRoger Chorlton
Correction: Bernard Cracroft Aston in page 11 No 18 1985
The New Chum Shearer or Francie Of The UndertowRoger Chorlton
Corrections to Past Isues
List of Officebearers: Karori Historical Society (Inc)
Mrs Helen (Nellie) McKelvey 1891 - 1991Katherine M. Wood
Review of Activities of the Karori Historical Society 1990
Karori Streets and the Second World WarDon Silver
Karori School 1875 - 1882: The Delayed RevolutionRollo Arnold
How We Came To KaroriR.W. Lithgow
Index for Issues 1973 - 1989 inclusive
Obituary: Group Captain B.R.Furkett, OBE
Activities of the Karori Historical Society (Inc) 1991
The Mormons and KaroriPeter J. Lineham
Formation of the Borough of KaroriKatherine M. Wood
Scouting in KaroriA.L. Olsson
Taumata (The brow of the hill)I.D. McAllister
List of Officebearers: The Karori Historical Society (Inc)
Corrections to Stockade 23, 1990
The Salvation Army in Karori. 1927 - 1948A.L. Olsson
Karori’s First Borough CouncillorsKatherine M. Wood
Activities of the Karori Historical Society in 1992
The Site of the Current Karori Public Library - in 3 PartsKatherine M. Wood
Proposals for Development of a Reservoir Park as a Wildlife SanctuaryA.L. Olsson
Robert Donald - Karori NurserymanKatherine M. Wood
World War I - Honours Board, KaroriKatherine M. Wood
John James Joseph Costall. Karori Resident 1891 - 1924Katherine M. Wood
Mr Hurst’s Garden, Karori 1848 - 1852Katherine M. Wood
A New Park for KaroriI.D. McAllister
Wellington City Councillors Inspect Karori 3 June 1920Katherine M. Wood
Cmmercial History in a Church Recipe BookR.W. Lithgow
Karori Street LightingKatherine M. Wood
St Patrick’s Church Makara and it’s Windows
Activities of the Karori Historical Society 1993
Karori LibraryKatherine M. Wood
List of Officebearers
The History of Karori Churches: A Survey of Published InformationA.L. Olsson
Karori and Northland MailKatherine M. Wood
FutunaChristopher Bellamy. S.M.
List of Officebearers
Activities of the Karori Historical Society 1994
James Mackenzie I.S.O.Katherine M. Wood
St Mary’s HomesMargaret Alington
The Karori Advertiser
Karori School Honours BoardKatherine M. Wood
The Tragedy Of The PenguinDeirdre Wogan
Wellington’s Botanic GardenKatherine M. Wood
Ernst Plischke - Houses In KaroriDavid Kernohan
An Unsolved RiddleJoyce Pell
Exploration North of KaroriGeorge F.B. Mewburn (NZ Company Surveyor, April 1842)
Lost and FoundSusan J. Davidson
Karori Long Long AgoJim Cable
A Permanent Memorial after more than a CenturyR.W. Lithgow
The Karori Historical Society in 1995
List of Officebearers
P.F.M. Burrows - An Early ArchitectKatherine M. Wood (with Beryl Hughes)
P.F.M. Burrows - An Early ArchitectBeryl Hughes (with Katherine M. Wood)
W.F.England LaneR.W. Lithgow
Old Karori Road
Letters From Karori (Postal Services Over The Years)Robin M. Startup
The Karori Historical Society Inc in 1996A. O.
List of Officebearers: The Karori Historical Society (Inc)
The Makara GuerrillasGreville Wiggs
William Colenso’s Visit To Ohariu (Maraka Beach) Oterongu and Waiariki in 1848William Colenso
List of Officebearers: The Karori Historical Society (Inc)
James Walter Chapman-Taylor (and his houses at Karori, Wellington 1908-1938)Judy Siers
Landscaping HomewoodKatherine M. Wood
End of an Era - a conversation with John Fraser, Caretaker at the Karori Reservior from 1960Judith Burch
The Karori Historical Society in 1997A.L. O.
Charles William Schultze - establishment of The Karori Library: Philanthropy Or Political BriberyRuth Graham
The karori Historical Society 1973 - 1998 A Survey and AssessmenA.L. Olsson
Dangers Of The RoadJohn Dorset
The Telephone Comes To KaroriKatherine M. Wood
William Hall Raine 1892 - 1955John Sullivan
St John’s PoolJ.W. Brodie
An Electrical Connection 1913
The Karori Historical Society in 1998A.L. Olsson
Karori Lunatic Asylum 1854 - 1873Judith Burch & Beryl Hughes Burch & Hughes
In The BeginningNorma McCallum
Division of LabourKatherine M. Wood
The Borough of KaroriKatherine M. Wood
The Influenza Epidemic of 1918
Hard Times At Karori SchoolWilliam Marten
List of Officebearers
Willian Deans and the Wreck Of The "Maria"
Three Karori WomenBeryl Hughes
Professor Rollo Arnold, 1926 - 1998
The Karori Historical Society in 1999A.L. Olsson
The Lost Settlement - Park ValeJ.W. Brodie
Samuel Parnell RoadWill Chapman
The Mortuary Chapel, Karori CemeteryMargaret Alington
List of Officebearers
G.V.Hudson: Karori’s Pioneer NaturalistGeorge Gibbs
Methodists At Karori 1843-1913Elaine E. Bolitho
Karori School Log BooksWill Chapman
Completing The TramwayKatherine M. Wood
Getting To Karori: Before And After The TunnelJudith Burch
List of Officebearers
The Karori Historical Society in 2000A.L. Olsson
The Maraka Hill BreakwindKatherine M. Wood
Selecting Karori District Sections
Time And Time Again - Karori Normal School’s Time CapsulesWill Chapman
A School In WartimeWill Chapman
The Stone-Cutting Plant At Red Rocks
The Karori Historical Society in 2001A.L. Olsson
A Brief History Of My Father - Ernest GersonEva Rawnsley
G.S.Cooper and Cooper StreetBeryl Hughes
Appleton Park - A Load of RubbishJudith Burch
What’s In A Name? or Why The Devil’s Bridge?Judith Burch
Maori Cultivations In The Karori DistrictRuth Graham
List of Officebearers
Building The Kelburn Viaduct
Catherine Chapman In Karori 1844-1852Ruth Graham
Obituary: Rose-Marie Thompson d 2002J.W. B.
Obituary: Will Chapman (1949-202)B. H.
Obituary: Ian Maxwell Crabtree (1928-2002)A.L. O.
List of Officebearers: The Karori Historical Society (Inc)
The Karori Historical Society in 2002A.L. Olsson
A Community Supporting A Community: Marsden School And KaroriRosalba Finnerty
John Platts-Mills 1906-2001Beryl Hughes
The Memorial That Was: The Marquette Gateway In Hatton Street KaroriR.W. Lithgow
Home Industry In Makara 1910 NZ Gazette
The Heart of Karori: The Smith’s Place - 251 Karori RoadHelen R.M. Smith
Obituary: Diana Randall (1928-2001B. H.
Frederick Valentine Waters 1867 - 1918Janet Robinson
Local History @ The Library - The Karori Historical Society Collection in 2003Ruth Graham
The Census 1858J.W. Brodie
Lives from St. Mary’s Churchyard: Dr Frederick Skae 1842 - 1881Beryl Hughes
Obituary: Robert Ian McKenzie Burnett 1915 - 2002A.L. Olsson
Joseph Thoms: Sealer, Whaler and Trader of PoriruaRyhs Richards
A Childhood Memoir Of Karori In The 1950’sPeter Harrison
Our Presidents
List of Officebearers
The Kells FamilyJudith Burch
The Karori Historical Society in 2003A.L. Olsson
Water and Sewerage Reticulation Comes To Karori
Karori’s Wandering Horses and CowsKatherine M. Wood
Problems With The Slaughterhouse
The Karori Speial Constables 1859Katherine M. Wood
The Maori Meaning Of The Name "Karore" or "Karori"
Benjamin Sutherland Entertains
Quartz Hill Reserve Caritable Trust Nick Jennings & Jenny Jorgensen Jennings & Jorgensen
The Karori Jaycees 1971 - 1991Judith Burch
The Opau BlockJ.W. Brodie
Sawyers In South KaroriJ.W. Brodie
List of Officebearers
The Karori Historical Society in 2004A.L. Olsson
Obituary: Hugh Fullarton 1908 - 2004A.L. Olsson
Hugh Fullarton - His Life and WorkBob Norman
We Came To Karori July 1951Beryl Hughes
Taking The Tram To KaroriHenry Brittain
The Karori Historical Society in 2005Arthur Olsson
Growing Up In Karori In The 1930’sJoyce Harrison
A Sale of Section 8 Makara DistrictJ.W. Brodie
Natural Drainage of the Karori BasinJ.W. Brodie
Robert Caldwell On Forming The Borough of KaroriKatherine M. Wood
The Knight, The Carpenter And The Cat - The Story of Harry McNeishJohn Thomson
Penny’s "Arty Parties"Robin Ormerod
After The Depression
List of Officebearers
James W.Brodie, Editor "The Stockade" 1994 to 2004Arthur Olsson
Manners (Behaviour at the table)
Tribute: Enid Stewart
Tribute: John Wellesly Evan Raine
Tribute: Lewis King
The Karori Historical Society in 2006Judith Burch
Tribute: Tom Barton
Charles Fleming: Environmental PatriotMary McEwan
Life In A Tent - Karori 1906Katherine M. Wood
Notes From The CollectionJan Heynes
A Memorable Day in Karori (with country music legend Glen Campbell)
The Karori West Playcentre (1955-1989)Beryl Hughes
Mrs Higgin Says .....Joyce Harrison
Tramways To KaroriAdrian Humphris
The Society in 2007Frances Sutton
Forty Issues of The StockadeRobin Ormerod
Significant Centennial Rugby League Events at Karori CemeteryBernie Wood
A Teacher’s LifeCatherine Hodder
List of the Society’s Officebearers
Packing For A New Land (Voyage clothing required by steerage passengers)
Betty Arnold 1924-2007Margaret Galt
Wright’s Hill IncidentMargaret Allington
The War Years In KaroriMalcolm Ross
The "Sugarbag Years" in KaroriColin McLeod
Fun On A TrolleyMalcolm Ross
Recollections of the Platts-Mill EstateBarry Cummins
Bob Lithgow - A Tribute
Remembering Katherine Maclean WOOD MVO (Kitty Wood) 13th May 1912 - 18th July 2008
Karori Peregrinations in the 1950’s - A Childs-Eye ViewPeter Harrison
Karori West Model Country School - MemoriesCatherine Hodder (Balog)
The Mansfield LinkNoeline Joan King nee Mansfield
The Little House on the HillMary Brackenbury
The Karori Historical Society in 2008Judith Burch
List of the Society’s Officebearers
The Karori Historical Society in 2009Judith Burch
Karori Wedding. from the Evening Post 15th Jan 1892
Watching Karoris EarthquakesPeter Hodder
Extract from "Traveller Under Concern" by Mackie (an account of the 1855 Earthquake in Wellington)
The van Melle FamilyJudith Burch
"Some Damage In Karori" - weather report from The Evening Post 12th April 1909
Book Review: "New Zealand Graves at Brockenhurst" by Clare ChurchCatherine Hodder
"Boy Racers in the Nineteenth Century" - from The Evening Post 7th October 1889
The Growth of Karori 1844 - 2006Catherine Hodder
"The Need for a Stockade" - from The NZ Spectator & Cook Strait Guardian 30th May 1846
The Karori HotelMargery Renwick
The Demonstration House, KaroriCatherine Hodder
Arthur Edward Norgrove 1/8/1938 - 23/1/2010various various
Review of the Society in 2010Judith Burch
James William BrodieJudith Burch
No Simple Passage: The Journey of the London to NZ 1842. by Jenny Robin JonesJo Elworthy
Notice in the Evening Post 19th July 1898
The Fiducia TramHenry Brittain
Growing Up in Karori 1938-1957: Rembering Public TransportFaith Gibbs nee Brooker
A Chapter of Accidents: Karori in the 1800sMichael Foster
War-Time RecollectionsMalcolm Ross
In Our Quiet StreetsJo Elworthy
Annual Review of the Society in 2011Judith Burch
Gold Mining at Terawhiti - Based on a talk to the Society - Jenny Robin JonesJo Elworthy
The Devil’s Bridge CottageMargery Renwick
Karori Lives of Note: George Patterson BartonJudith Burch
Karori Lives of Note: Donald Bentley SilverJan Heynes
Karori Lives of Note: Margaret LithgowJudith Burch
Manual TrainingMalcolm Ross
Growing Up In Karori 1938-1957. Remembering The 1930s DepressionFaith Gibb nee Brooker
Sourcing Local HistoryPeter Harrison
Margaret Alington - A TributeJudith Burch
The Karori First World War Honours BoardMichael Foster
The Passing of the Trams: Recollections of Karori in the 950sPeter Harrison
David Martin Todd - Wellington Harbourmaster 1948-64Judith Burch
Knighton’s Shops in KaroriGraham Knighton
The Karori Lunatic AsylumRoger Ridley-Smith
The Terawhiti StationDavid Luke
The Karori Historical Society in 2012Judith Burch
The Porter Family in the Western SuburbsSteve Porter
Recollections of Living and Working at Quartz Hill Michael Lawrence
Graves of the ExecutedGordon Tait
Remembering The GorseRedmer Yska
Annette Fairweather, A TributeJan Heynes & Rosemary Cole Heynes, Jan & Cole, Rosemary
The Karori Historical Society 2013Judith Burch
Karori Residents of NoteJo Elworthy

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