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Karori Between 1865 and 1890M. Patrick
Sprott House - And What Went BeforeMargaret Patrick
Letters From Karori (Postal Services Over The Years)Robin M. Startup
The Makara GuerrillasGreville Wiggs
James Walter Chapman-Taylor (and his houses at Karori, Wellington 1908-1938)Judy Siers
End of an Era - a conversation with John Fraser, Caretaker at the Karori Reservior from 1960Judith Burch
Completing The TramwayKatherine M. Wood
Getting To Karori: Before And After The TunnelJudith Burch
The Memorial That Was: The Marquette Gateway In Hatton Street KaroriR.W. Lithgow
A Memorable Day in Karori (with country music legend Glen Campbell)
Charles Fleming: Environmental PatriotMary McEwan
"The Need for a Stockade" - from The NZ Spectator & Cook Strait Guardian 30th May 1846

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