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The Stockade No 9 1977Karori Between 1865 and 1890M. Patrick
The Stockade No 13 1980Sprott House - And What Went BeforeMargaret Patrick
The Stockade No 29 1996Letters From Karori (Postal Services Over The Years)Robin M. Startup
The Stockade No 29 1996The Makara GuerrillasGreville Wiggs
The Stockade No 30 1997James Walter Chapman-Taylor (and his houses at Karori, Wellington 1908-1938)Judy Siers
The Stockade No 30 1997End of an Era - a conversation with John Fraser, Caretaker at the Karori Reservior from 1960Judith Burch
The Stockade No 33 2000Completing The TramwayKatherine M. Wood
The Stockade No 33 2000Getting To Karori: Before And After The TunnelJudith Burch
The Stockade No 35 2002The Memorial That Was: The Marquette Gateway In Hatton Street KaroriR.W. Lithgow
The Stockade No 39 2006A Memorable Day in Karori (with country music legend Glen Campbell)
The Stockade No 39 2006Charles Fleming: Environmental PatriotMary McEwan
The Stockade No 42 2010"The Need for a Stockade" - from The NZ Spectator & Cook Strait Guardian 30th May 1846

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