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  "Heritage and Sport & Recreation"  will run during September  2011.


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* Image:  Young New Zealand at Play: cricket in a mining town. Chromolithograph by Philip Robert Presants, 1867-1942.
Christchurch, Weekly Press, 28 October, 1899. Alexander Turnbull Library, reference C-079-054.

The little girl in the background is Cecelia Green nee Liddle who is the maternal grandmother of ex Onslow resident Judy Siers.

Judy writes 15th Mar 2011:
The reproduction of the West Coast painting of the cricket scene is full of memories for me. A print of this hanged in the dining room at my grandparents home in Petone for as long as I can remember. When they moved to Nelson in 1965 I took it home and treasured it. My grandmother, known as Cissy, Cecillia Green (nee Liddle) is the little girl in the picture. She laughed when we talked about it explaining that she was "just a wee thing"  when she played with the boys in the street, and when the coloured print appeared in the  Christchurch Weekly Press 28 October,1899 she couldn't figure out, nor quite come to understand, that the original picture had been painted some years before it was lithographed for the paper.
Cissy was born in 1890 so the original painting was probably c.1895.
The Liddle family were West Coasters arriving from West Lothian on the "Jessie Osborne" in 1875. They  lived in Canterbury with William working on farms, sucessfully, before the economic recession drove him to coal mining early 1888. It was heart breaking as they had mined shale in Scotland and came to NZ seeking a better way of life, and for a decade it had gone well for them. William had married Margrate, in Scotland and they had a large family. They had four dependent children, with Cecillia the baby of the family just 6 years old, when the Brunner Mine disaster occurred in 1896. William was killed in this tragedy. The family moved on to Nelson a few years later.